The Good Life maybe an open interpretation but universally, there is one thread that runs across.
The need for more time.

Wherever we may be, at different phases of our life,
We always want more time.
More time to be with our loved ones,
More time to travel, see the world, experience new sights, sounds, culture
More time to Relax, & Recharge ourselves.
More time to connect with others over a meal
More time to live in the moment

At Sky Premium we take the guesswork out of dining, a vacation, and package it where members not only tap on the resources of our membership team that have been specially trained to make recommendations in these areas to simplify your life but also enjoy extra privileges and personalised service that make up all the difference
Thus saving you time and resources.

At Sky Premium, we go beyond Travel services to provide a holistic experience. Our members only portal when you sign up allows you to access your entire privileges which is not just limited to travel but also the world of wine & dine, wellness and shopping.
Just ask Allan Wu and Tan Min-Li.   The Host of Amazing Race Asia,  Allan Wu and leading Lawyer, Socialite & filmmaker Tan Min-Li, these tastemakers are Sky Premium’s Panel Advisors and no strangers to “The Good Life”.

Speak to our membership services team today / or call 6533 0000 (Mondays to Fridays, 9 am – 6pm) to find out more and see how we can help you embark on this exciting “Affordable Luxury” journey of "The Good Life". You may be surprised how your savings on our exclusive rates may pay for your club membership itself.


We Create Privileges for you to live The Good Life.